Who We Are

How2Wrench.com is next step in the ever-evolving life’s work of its creator Shane Conley. He is followed worldwide by over 230 countries and with over 4million views. His passion for making change in the delivery methods of technical skills has fueled this next phase in his journey with education. How2Wrench intends to change the “old” practices of how one gains skills, methodologies, and knowledge found in the study of mechanics, leadership, and life. No more must a person find a “local only” class and be “stuck” with that as the only option to learn from. No more must they rely only on their interpretation of materials. No more will it take years to learn basic craftsmanship from trial and error.

Mechanical, Electrical, Fluid (fuel, oils, sealants etc) training at How2Wrench are taught with “nuts and bolts” in mind. What this means for the student is comprehension of how they can cross apply the skill to multiple applications! No memorizing models, but instead mastering the skill and understanding of the how and why. Let How2Wrench give you the often missing “back story” so the next time you pick up a tool, there is confidence behind that grip.

The training doesn’t end with technical at How2Wrench. We offer business operations, management, parts, sales, and service training for one employee or the entire staff. Does your business need a motivational boost? We offer that one and teamwork synchronizing tools as well. Choose How2Wrench’s 26 years of experience coupled with hundreds of years from his mentors speed your learning curve. From the front door to back door of your business and tire to tire of your vehicle we offer useful real world lessons to put straight to work.

Class is held in your shop on your schedule. Imagine Facetime with Coach Conley assisting your motor build or carburetor rebuild. The possibilities are endless. Mentorship 101 like never before. The coach now comes to you. Whether you need just a few minutes of guided direction or wish to master a skill, you’ve just found your personal mentor. Welcome to the community.

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Our Dream

  • Idea

    Create a community of like-minded members that desire to grow personally and also help share knowledge, master skill sets and add quality to the life of its other members. Also, create a network of craftsman/women adhering to quality in their work that could be recommended for hire in local communities all over the world.

  • Stage 1-YouTube

    Coach Conley's Youtube channel was met with overwhelming support that such a community existed. The ``group`` learning from comments, tips and improvements proved that after weeding out the ``trolls`` there was a need for a member based site. This site will encourage, tips, corrections, and teamwork with respect for one another. The ``we are all coaches`` model will be used. People making people better.

  • Stage 2-Website Community

    We are at stage 2 now with the website. Networking members together with coaches from How2Wrench or within their local communities is a high priority goal. Building even better and specialized curriculum will continue to be added. All while never sacrificing quality, craftsmanship, and care.

  • Stage 3-Instruction

    This is the how we get it done step. We work. We network. We support. We train diligently. We model integrity, craftsmanship, and pride in our work. We do this by breaking the traditional education mold. We use technologies and tools to transfer this training to those in desire, not those forced to be there. We invest our time and resources in students who are grateful. We celebrate victories and never stop learning whether you're the student or the master craftsman.

  • Stage 4- Scholarships and Impact

    The vision we have is to create scholarships to send people to school or even back to school that show high integrity, a desire to grow, and willingness to serve the communities they live in. We want to find applicants that will support this model of excellence and service. We hope to supply many industries with quality, dependable and dedicated employees.

Meet the Team


Shane Conley

Head Instructor-Coach

20 + years in the motorcycle industry have awarded me a life of powersports adventures, travels, and experiences I could have never dreamed of. Former racer, shop owner, riding coach and championship bike builder. I’ve also been in management, fundraising and partnership building positions. Currently employed as an educator in the study of motorcycle mechanics. Avid mechanic, bike builder, author, traveler and studier of life. I’m a visionary with proven results.


Guest Instructor

Contributor and Mentorship

We will have guest instructors, mentors, and speakers. Would you like to pass on your skills and gifts? Email me for details!


Former Student

Assistant Instructor

Message to former students:
Are you loving life, successful and looking for a way to give back? Mentor another student! Deepen your own understanding while passing on the gifts of knowledge you have received! Graduated from another institution? We welcome you as well! Join our mechanics community! Email me for details!


Business Partners


Why be a Team Member at How2Wrench.com?
Are you a business looking to partner up for:
-Employee recruiting
-Increase exposure while giving to a good cause
College or Training Center Instructors at OEM manufacturer:
-Curriculum and lesson plans development sharing
-Student recruiting
Tool / Product Manufactures:
-Get the correct information out to the consumer
-Let us develop tool tutorials for you
-Increase student exposure making them prepared to use your equipment in the field

We would welcome your contributions, knowledge and support you back in the process!

Contact us for more details!

Our Services

  • Personal Training

  • Classroom is your shop
  • Training where you are anywhere in the world
  • Flexible day and evening appointments
  • Live Facetime option (must have apple product)
  • Email/Phone
  • One lesson or Entire course
  • Work on your vehicle
  • Group Training

  • Dealership Staff
  • Garage full of buddies
  • Clubs/Forum Groups
  • Guest Speaker
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Product Review

  • Product Reviews for you to share
  • “How To” Video Production
  • Target Audience Networking
  • Custom training with your tool built into training modules


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