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Video Lesson: How to install and set adjustable pushrods!


Some manufacturers instruct to set the install pushrod length by “flats” and others “turns”. In this lesson, I explain both methods of installation. I also demonstrate what it is we are doing in theory along with a bonus tip on what I feel is the ultimate way to verify what each revolution of a turn equals on ANY brand pushrod. This tip was taught to me by the machinist/engine builder Clay Jensen of Sioux City Powersports.

This is very useful tip when dealing with a used engine and you don’t know the brand of pushrod. It also allows a method to remove that old human error of “assuming”. As you will learn with a little research, even the same brand of pushrod manufacturers used different thread pitches! In the end, flats or turns must equal the required thousands of an inch in length. Watch this video for your free lesson!

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