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Video Lessons: New Brake Systems Videos

I’m excited to share the new cutaway video lesson I made using a motorcycle brake caliper. Teaching most technicians how to repair a brake works with this methodology; “just trust the seasoned tech and do it this way”. When you get those students or “craftsman” as I like to call them, that must try to understand what is going on from an engineered standpoint, that just won’t do. Much easier to supplement the “how” with “why” training aids.

Well how about us instructors just whip out the old teaching catalog and order up some cutaways? Problem is they don’t exist. We have to make our own. Some of my cutaways have hundreds of hours in just one! If you work for the OEM’s you may have some but what about the hundreds of other teachers trying to pass on a craft? What about the DIY owner trying to learn about their passionate hobby? What about the racer trying to visualize what’s happening underneath them? There’s a solution now. Meet your online coach…Hello. My name is Coach Conley and YES, I’m addicted to making cutaways and passionate teaching!

I’ve received thousands of emails over the years thanking me for my work in training technicians and sharing it with others. I even get warning calls at times that someone else is using my materials. My answer, please do. Make others informed and great. Invest in quality, safety, and excellence in craftsmanship. If you are a teacher and struggle with teaching a concept, reach out to me. If you are looking to gain understanding as a pro or a student, reach out to me. Your emails, comments, and support fuel me to do more. Enjoy these new videos added to the playlist. I will supply links and brief descriptions for each below. Keep Wrenching…Coach Conley

P.S. Please go thank a teacher for the materials and training aids they made for you…I’m not the only one. There are many great ones out there.

New videos:

Summary Video: 2:42 min

I show a before and after video of the bad and fixed brake, then briefly summarize all the lessons taught.

Caliper Piston Cutaway Video: 2:16 min

Have you ever wondered how a hydraulic brake piston returns itself with no spring or lever? Why do some brake jobs last and some eat up pads and rotors? Watch this video for a 3D cutaway explaining in detail the parts, function, and theory.

Caliper Rebuild Video: 9:48 min

In this video, I demonstrate common procedures for rebuilding a brake caliper. Demonstrated on an opposed 4-piston model. This was a dragging brake with before and after demonstrations of how a good working brake should function.

Worn Brake Pad Collection Video: 4:57 min

I made a video of the worn bad brakes I’ve pulled off vehicles over the years. I’ve saved many of the worst examples and use them as teaching examples. Do you have a brake job story that beats any of mine?

How to Inspect and Replace a Brake Rotor Video: 3:49 min

In this video, I demonstrate how to inspect and fix warped disc brake rotor. Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to check the wheel flange! I show the required “feel”, tools and logic along with the brake rotor replacement on a 2001 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic motorcycle. The procedures are similar for make brands, makes, and models.

Feel free to share and use as desired.

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Keep Wrenching,
Shane Conley

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