Servicing Motorcycle Triple Trees the PROFESSIONAL way!

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Issue 08 April 15th, 2017

Blog: by Shane Conley
Video Lesson: Servicing Motorcycle Triple Trees
Video Series: “How To” Suspension Systems-Front
Tools Highlighted: Park Tools (RT-2, CSR-2M, HHP-2)
Product: All Balls Kit

I’ve been using Park Tool and All Balls bearing kits for years now, but it wasn’t until this last week I realized how much I’ve taken them for granted. Let me explain.
This week while editing the 5 new video links you will see below on steering stem service procedures, it hit me how I was literally using most all Parks Tool. The students training under me were so impressed with these tools they wanted to know where to purchase them before labs were even done. So, we got online to get pricing from their website. Wow! Has this company grown. I soon was adding up my personal wish list for my shop and YouTube studio!

One thing I find value in when teaching, is to put a “cost” on the service. This is modeled in two ways. One is the average labor charged and the other is what is “costs” the dealer in required tools! My experience has been this produces better-prepared technicians. When they realize how expensive it is to run a service department, they tend to treat the tools better knowing the role of the tools in billable time. Without quality tools, you either spend hours of wasted time you can’t bill for or in most cases cannot provide the service.
Earlier I mentioned I have been taken Park Tool for granted. What I felt this week was gratitude for so much innovation, quality, and ease of tool use while wrenching. After pricing, I felt even more ungrateful as these tools are priced at such reasonable price points! Many times, specialty tools require many uses to pay for themselves. That is not the case with the three tools I demonstrate how to use in these videos. Money well spent on time savings, product protection, and easily repeatable service use.
The feeling of appreciation spilled over into the All Balls Bearing kit we installed as well. Their kit was $32.99 for bearings and seals. The OEM was over $130.00! Find more info for their kits here.

I want to say thank you to these outstanding powersports companies. You truly represent “Making America Proud” with your products. Without you; our bottom line, time and our sanity would be significantly shortened. Please never stop reaching for greatness.

Amazon Tool Links:

Website Links:

New videos:

Watch the video links below for the proper installation of an All Balls Steering Stem Bearing Kit and the tools from Park Tool to ease this job whether you’re a professional technician or a DIY! You can have craftsmanship in your work. A few minutes of training yourself is well spent. Find the entire beginning to end playlist for steering stem bearing replacement here. Can you believe we packed all this info into 23 mins of self-training time? Enjoy and go share with others!

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Part 01 How to remove steering stem bearing races with Park Tool RT-2 Race Removal Tool. 1:26 min

I demonstrate how to remove steering stem races the professional way with the Park Tool RT-2. Watch part 2 for how to remove races when there is no room for this tool!
Amazon Tool Links:

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Part 02 How to remove steering races with the Weld Removal Method! 3:14 min

I demonstrate how to remove steering stem races the “save the day” way with the “welding method”. Watch part 1 for how to remove races the professional way with the Park Tool RT-2!

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Part 03 Fastest method to remove triple tree bearing Air Hammer Method! No Specialty Tools! 2:20 Min

After watching this video you will never again attempt lower steering stem removal with a punch and chisel! Why did I wait so many years to try this! I’m betting this will becomes the most shared video I’ve ever made!

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Part 04 How to install bottom triple tree stem bearing with Park Tool CSR-2M. 5:01 min

Simply the best way to install lower steering stem bearings. If you don’t own this tool, price it and it will shock you how inexpensive it is to do it professionally!
Amazon Tool Links:

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Part 05 How to install steering frame races with Park Tool HHP-2 Race Installation Tool. 2:36 min
The old days of slipping with a punch and hammer are over! Not to mention the knuckles saved from Park Tool HHP-2 race installation tool!
Amazon Tool Links:

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Part 06 How to set, service and adjust Steering Stem Bearings like the pros! 8:11 min

Watch this video for a simple, straightforward lesson on how to set, adjust and service the steering stem bearings found on the front end of a motorcycle, atv, and more! The one crucial step most often missed from doing it like the pro’s is detailed as well as the entire procedure.

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