We went to class ourselves at M2.Shocks Drag Racing Set-up Class!

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“Drag bike suspension and chassis school”

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Issue 10 May 31, 2017

Blog: by Shane Conley
Video: Part 1 Factory Shop Tour
Part 2 Shock Dyno in Action
Video Series: Product Reviews
Tools Highlighted: Custom Built Suspension Shop Builder and Manufacturer
Product: M2.Shocks

Hello friends! First off I would like to say thank you for all the emails and calls asking if and some pleading for me not to stop making videos and training. I am humbled to know what the following How2Wrench has gained in these six months. Over 2 million viewers have been counted on the YouTube channel alone since January this year!

Well, where has Coach Conley been the last month? BUSY! I wrapped up a 2-year student RC51 bike build project, graduated this year’s crop of techs and finished the long-term DZR400SM project.

Let’s pick up to last weekend though and what this newsletter/blog is about! I reached out to RPS Manufacturing’s (better known as M2.Shocks) Marcus McBain to inquire about his drag racing suspension and chassis set-up school. After a lengthy conversion about the industry, how people learn, business principles, and more I connected with Marcus and was invited to come take the class. I was impressed with the straightforwardness of this guy right away. I related on so many levels to what it’s like to share information and have others take it as their own without giving credit due. Yet this guy is still teaching and sharing more information than anybody else in the paddocks. There are “secret race combinations” and then there is just the “every mechanic should know this” skill sets when it comes to anything mechanical. As many of you know, I am relentless in my quest to make the best curriculum and delivery of common skill sets available for everyone. It boils down to safety, successful wrenching, and enjoyment of the sport. Helping others find this information sooner than later may be the difference of life or death. Not passing on or sharing common knowledge is a crime in my book!

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RPS’s class begins with a morning of lecture and notes being reviewed from the 75 page book you receive with your tuition. I found Marcus to be a teacher of like-mindedness. We would often stop and grab a shock or training aid to deepen that text into the hands-on application. NOTHING BETTER! Us techs most often grasp a concept by doing! I’m a big believer in both lecture and hands-on and this class was spot on.

The floor was wide open to ask questions and receive immediately examples of “this or that” real world experience. I did some research before attending and this guy has helped get some many racers to championships and world records! I was amazed at the diverse experience in almost every version of two-wheeled racing.

Marcus bought us lunch and we enjoyed time getting to learn about the other student’s racebikes, experience, and goals. Being like a fish out of water when it comes to drag racing, these men all took me under their wing and were nothing but kind, helpful and teachers in their own right. I WANT TO GO DRAG RACING NOW! They inspired me to get out there! What a great community.

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In the final afternoon session, we received a tour of the manufacturing operation, workshop and the shock dyno in action! In the photo to the left is the first shock World record holder Rickey Gadson ran 7.70 on! Serial number 1! Marcus demonstrated how to properly test spring rates, adjust links, chassis geometry and more!

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In summary, I left this class feeling like Marcus filled a large void in chassis understanding. There are many courses on “how to” do the mechanical side of suspension, such as my H2W or even the many colleges out there, but little share the set-up, component relationship to changes, and vast experience that comes from turning so many clickers as Marcus has. Job well done and I look forward to needing one of your shocks someday soon.

New videos:

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 6.18.44 PM

Part 1 of my factory tour at M2.Shocks. In this video, we tour the workshop and manufacturing space for their custom built shocks. I was attending their drag racing set-up class.

6:30 min

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 5.59.21 PM

Part 2 of my factory tour of M2.Shocks. In this video, you will see a shock being run on the shock dyno! Marcus McBain explains what a dyno does and what it can tell you about a shock!
5:16 min

As with all of my playlists, this video collection grows over time. It’s a good idea to check in and look for new material that catches your interest.

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As always…
Keep Wrenching,
Shane Conley

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