Issue 12: A Mobile Paint Booth from Bag to Paint in 15 mins!

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Issue 12 July 22, 2017

Blog: by Shane Conley
Video Playlist: Mobile Paint Booth
Tools Highlighted: Mobile Paint Booth
Product: Mobile Environmental Solutions 15×23 portable/mobile paint booth

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We are excited to announce that H2W is now a sales rep for Mobile Environmental Solutions Paint Booths. This last month National Sales Manager Keith Kay came to our headquarters for us to try a booth for ourselves. We were SOLD! This is one of those products that you just have to see in person. The set-up time was only 15 minutes, 6 steps, and you are ready to paint! Made right here in the USA!

After first hearing about this “tool” as I like to call it. My mind was racing with the possibilities and most attractive feature to me. The flexibility. As a DIY guy since a young age, painting has always been a pain. The time to set-up and area, the cleanup, the over-spray you get from what you forgot to protect. All of it, was just not something I looked forward to doing with my time, although I did enjoy painting and the finished product. Now I’m thinking how much more paint I will do from the ease of this set-up, clean up, and not having to dedicate space “just to paint”.
I’m sure many of you DIY customers are thinking the same thing but the bigger customers for Mobile Environmental Solutions are actually the professionals! The cross-flow design works so well that the pros are loving how clean their paint is! Another big customer is the “start-up” company that is on a budget. Think about how beneficial it is to not have to rent such a large space to start out with. Some other customers provide mobile service and go to the customer and paint it right there on the spot!

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The mobile/portable feature is blowing up on the PDR (paintless dent removal) due to the massive savings on the estimate time to determine number of dents. With the special PDR booth from Mobile Environmental Solutions you can slash that time required to do the estimate.

The Mobile Environmental Solutions Mobile Paint Booth is EPA Certified, OSHA airflow compliant, and made with material that complies with the NFPA® 701 rule. The Exhaust filters used exceed the 98% capture efficiency. EPA (SUBPART HHHHHH) 6H Rule. The MES23X15HDLT comes equipped with twelve adjustable filtered air inlets. This design allows the sprayer to increase or decrease the air flow in desired locations of the booth.

The Patent Pending design allows the best possible air flow from a mobile paint booth. Not only does the Mobile Environmental Solutions Air Flow Technology provide an excellent quality working environment, it is safer for the painter. Exhaust Filters and Inlet Filters are attached with Velcro®. This makes replacement of the filters very easy and efficient.

Here is a link to the PDF Brochure. Financing available! Email me for details!

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If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email:

Visit the Mobile Environmental Solutions website:

Connect with them on Facebook:

Watch their YouTube Videos: Mobile Environmental Solutions


New videos:

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Watch this video for how fast and easy this is to set up. Why dedicate space in your shop to paint only. With this system, you can just blow up when needed! Other videos in the playlist demo features, tear down, and storage! 3:43 min

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In this video, we H2W interviewed national sales manager Keith Kay from Mobile Environmental Solutions on their mobile paint booth features. How2Wrench is now a sales rep for all their products. 8:28 min

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In this video, we show how fast and easy it is to tear down and store the Mobile Paint Booth from Mobile Environmental Solutions. Demo is on a 15×23 model. 3:09 min

As with all of my playlists, this video collection grows over time. It’s a good idea to check in and look for new material that catches your interest.

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