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I recently returned from dyno training the staff and owner @ Road Rage Bike Works in Western Iowa. I love training shops like this. I didn’t need to convince them of “every mechanic should know this” mentality. These seasoned men had it. We were able to focus on the needed Dyno 101 and had time to access other areas of the dealership and plans for future staff increases. 

Along with a focused curriculum on what your shop or personal needs are, my customers find themselves receiving much more. Some of the reasons to hire for your training needs are:

• Specific skills sets such as dyno operation, EFI & carb tuning, electrical diagnostic etc.
• Parts Department operation, inventory, display, and management
• Service Department operation, management, scheduling, employee training, and mentorship
• Sales Department advertising, social media, website building and sales lead generation
Pretty standard right? You’ve seen it a hundred times and there are many individual experts out there. Why hire me? I give your dealership a package deal. Read me short bio here.
The benefits are:
• Individual department fixes, growth and ease in scheduling with one consultant.
• No bouncing between different do this, do that methodologies. Direct process implementation. Builds immediate inter-department collaboration. I understand how a change in the parts department effects the service department. This hand-off is crucial to the success of both when done right.
• Team building between staff. When your employees understand the reason a process is in place in another department they are more prone to working with it. Hire me to create this understanding.
• Process problem identification. What is it you don’t see? It’s because it’s always been that way! Hire a new pair of eyes.
• Leadership training and implementation. Are your department managers leaders? Invest in them and they will invest in the staff.
• Design employee compensation plans that won’t scare them off. When you compensate an employee for good work, they are more likely to not bounce.
• Employee training plan development. Identifying, scheduling, and assessment. This key missing element is the number one reason why staff, departments, and businesses DON’T grow. There is no plan in place!
I offer a free consultation review of your dealership, shop or an individual training needs. We will determine a plan for a positive impact on your future.
Contact your new Coach. The championship game is right in front of you. Be ridiculous, relentless and prepared for it, one customer at a time.

Keep Wrenching,
Shane Conley

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Shane Conley


20 + years in the motorcycle industry have awarded me a life of powersports adventures, travels, and experiences I could have never dreamed of.  Former racer, shop owner, riding coach and championship bike builder. I’ve also been in management, fundraising and partnership building positions. Currently employed as an educator in the study of motorcycle mechanics. Avid mechanic, bike builder, author, traveler and studier of life. I’m a visionary with proven results.