Are you a business looking to partner up for:

  • Increase product exposure/sales while supporting a good cause
  • Employee recruiting
  • Demonstration or “how to” videos on your product

Technical College or OEM Training Center:

  • Curriculum
  • Lesson Plans
  • Assessments/Labs
  • Training Aids/Cut-Away Production (View some samples here!)
  • Remote or in-person ILT
  • E-Learning Development
  • LMS Development
  • Student recruiting/retention

Tool / Product Manufactures:

  • Professional third-party videos WITH your direction on proper use and safety
  • Protecting yourself with the right information to the consumer
  • Increasing student exposure making them prepared to use/sale your equipment in the field (we often partner your product with training schools)
Currently, we have over 700 videos (not including Facebook and Instagram) and have 20 million views in over 200 countries. We average 400,000 views a month on YouTube alone. Check it out here.
The “tool/product review“ side of what we do has grown so much, we started a spin-off website just for that!
Goals for Tools2Wrench:
  • Get the right tool and right training into the hands of the right people.
  • Create safety training and reduce product liability (Meets our mission of helping others to stay. More info on why we do what we do here)
  • Drive sales for you and influencer commissions for us.
  • Grow our community following.

Sample Videos:

Sample Playlists:

If or feel like a fit to promote your products, then please set aside some time to discuss how we can mutually benefit each other.

Contact us for more details!

Keep Wrenching,
Shane Conley

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