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If you feel inclined to donate to his life’s work to make change in the delivery of technical education, we would be grateful. If you have a touching story or gift of knowledge to share, please don’t hesitate to comment or contact us here.

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Shane Conley Quick Bio:

One fan describes as “Shane Conley is the new ZEN and the ART of Motorcycle Mechanics for the millennium. He is relentless in challenging us “rethink” everything we do. He incorporates life philosophy into every lesson. It’s like “life church” with tools in hand. I never leave a lesson without pondering some reflective thought and trying to answer his thought provoking questions. This guy completely re-wrote the book on the lost value of accountability, safety, and integrity. Please clone him and bring him to our country to teach!”

Shane Conley became known as the “YouTube Instructor” in 2010. His channel has 4.3 million views and 15,000 subscribers from 230 countries. His ability to relate life stories into thought provoking conversation which build up to motivating others to make positive changes around them. He has the ability to bring the best out people when others had given up. His approach is often not thought of as orthodox but more matching the real world and solution based. He has such a personal passion for creating solutions to most any difficult task.

His expertise is in mechanics, business, management, and relationships. He is known to speak to individuals or to groups. Audience response is often described as “engaging” and “he has you until the end of the story”.

Book him for:

  • Motivational Speaking
  • Process improvement
  • Team Building
  • Customer Service

Contact him here for more information on having him present at your next event.

His most well-known work is his “Checklist” series. Although related to the medical field, it is applicable to literally every technical industry telling a touching story of his 10-year battle caring for his mother to end of life. This presentation has been sought after from Hospital Administration, Department of Education, businesses and private groups looking to recommit their employees to integrity, quality, and care in the work.

Watch his Checklist Videos below. Feel free to share and use. He is passionate about getting people to think of others.




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