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Video Lesson: Reasons why you’re struggling to sync carbs/throttle bodies. Tool testing and usage! 

Have you attempted to synchronize carbs or throttle bodies but after the gauges are equal it runs worse and sounds terrible? So have many others. Watch this video for the reasons why this may be happening. Gain back your faith in using the proper tool and quit tuning by ear! How may you ask? Follow this checklist: (all are demonstrated in the video)

  1. Test and verify the tool’s gauge integrity
  2. Use good baseline carb settings
  3. Fully warm up the engine (make sure to use a cooling fan)
  4. Plug any unused vacuum lines and verify no leaks from adaptors or tool are present
  5. Set outside pairs of carbs first
  6. Move to center or carb rack pulling left and right pairs together
  7. Keep in mind to do two things throughout
    1. adjust idle as necessary to stay around target RPM
    2. blip the throttle and allow cable and linkage to settle
  8. Test ride the bike once complete
  9. Smile with the craftsmanship you just completed!


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