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Crankshaft Runout Measurement

Today we are using and reviewing a runout tool for Harley Davidson crankshafts. Our tool FEULING® PART # 9015 FITS: TC® 99 – PRESENT, EVO® 84 – 99. We are demonstrating on a 2002 Ultra Classic. As you can see from the video below, this tool is so straight forward and EASY to use for accurate readings when checking runout on the crankshaft. The tool will also measure backlash when converting to gear driven camshafts! My only wish? They made it this easy for every model in the world! I give this tool a total thumbs up! Did I mention MADE IN THE USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back Lash Measurement

Rating I give: 1-10(1= poor 10= outstanding)
Quality: 10
Price Point: 10
Ease of repair: N/A (Don’t drop it)
Assembly: 10

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Tool Manufacture Website.
Instruction Manual.

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One thought on “Tool Review: Feuling Crankshaft Runout tool pn 9015

  1. Robert Brock 4 years ago

    Cool review Shane! Almost bought one and was considering Gear drive this last time but just decided to go SE can plate for simplicity. And since I wasn’t building a TQ monster. I figured most models built before 2003 were pretty stout with the crank bearings setup. My 2004 was not but I think my 2002 is… I hope? Cool tool though!!! Still trying to find a good gig here in DFW. Giving it till the end of March. Sucks doing what I do at age 52. Hard to find the right job as everyone wants a twenty something. Who knows??? I may have to get you to talk to your tech school and see if the need a design guy up there… anyway.. let me know if you need anything. Take care! RBrock