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We offer technical training services in multiple methods of delivery and for many different customer needs. From the professional to the DIY mechanic we have something for you.

Training is delivered:

  • on-site in your shop or ours
  • over the phone with a FaceTime option if available
  • email tech line

Our customers:

  • technicians looking for more training
  • DIY mechanics wanting to learn a skill
  • trade schools students such as MMI looking for tutoring

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Amazing Use of Technolgy

Imagine that next project and your personal coach is live on Live Chat right there with you!

Your shop, Your Schedule

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Receive with a free consultation visit

Schedule a lesson

Schedule lessons on a time that works for you!

Learn hands on

Get to straight to work with your coach guiding you step by step!

Rockstar Student

Are you a rockstar student being left to learn yourself because you're so far advanced than your classmates? Don't wait to dig deeper. Hire us to mentor you at your true pace!

No deadline

The only deadline is the one you set. No rush in the learning process. Take the time needed for you to master the skill.

Club Night Lessons

Make it a group lesson and turn garage night into class time with a pro!

Learn Emergency Roadside Repairs

Are you are rider and afraid of breaking down with no clue what to do? Why not take lessons on emergency roadside repairs!

Struggling Student

Are you a struggling student in need of tutoring? Is the rest of the class too advanced? Hire How2Wrench for tutoring!

Why Choose Us for Your Training Needs?

Along with a focused curriculum on what your shop or personal needs are, my customers find themselves receiving much more. Some of the reasons to hire How2Wrench.com for your training needs are:

  • Specific skills sets such as dyno operation, EFI & carb tuning, electrical diagnostic etc.
  • Parts Department operation, inventory, display and management
  • Service Department operation, management, scheduling, employee training and mentorship
  • Sales Department advertising, social media, website building and sales lead generation

Pretty standard right? You’ve seen it a hundred times and there are many individual experts out there. Why hire me? I give your dealership a package deal. Read me short bio here.

The benefits are:

  • Individual department fixes, growth and ease in scheduling with one consultant.
  • No bouncing between different do this, do that methodologies. Direct process implementation. Builds immediate inter-department collaboration. I understand how a change in the parts department effects the service department. This hand-off is crucial to the success of both when done right.
  • Team building between staff. When your employees understand the reason a process is in place in another department they are more prone to working with it. Hire me to create this understanding.
  • Process problem identification. What is it you don’t see? It’s because it’s always been that way! Hire a new pair of eyes.
  • Leadership training and implementation. Are your department managers leaders? Invest in them and they will invest in the staff.
  • Design employee compensation plans that won’t scare them off. When you compensate an employee for good work, they are more likely to not bounce.
  • Employee training plan development. Identifying, scheduling, and assessment. This key missing element is the number one reason why staff, departments and businesses DON’T There is no plan in place!

I offer a free consultation review of your dealership, shop or an individual training needs. We will determine a plan for a positive impact on your future.

Contact your new Coach. The championship game is right in front of you. Be ridiculous, relentless and prepared for it, one customer at a time.


One fan describes as “Shane Conley is the new ZEN and the ART of Motorcycle Mechanics for the millennium. He is relentless in challenging us “rethink” everything we do. He incorporates life philosophy into every lesson. It’s like “life church” with tools in hand. I never leave a lesson without pondering some reflective thought and trying to answer his thought provoking questions. This guy completely re-wrote the book on the lost value of accountability, safety, and integrity. Please clone him and bring him to our country to teach!”-YouTube Subscriber
How cool is it to have my own personal mechanic on speed dail! I can’t wait to tell all my friends. We have no shops to trust close by.Jeremy-Califonia

It’s your life wrapped around those two wheels.

Maybe you should learn how to work on it? You think?

Be Prepared

You never know what the road may throw at you. Knowing basic roadside repairs may just save your life or a bunch of time. Not to mention the coolness factor of fixing your own ride!

DIY and save $$$

Take that cash you saved doing it yourself and buy those accessories you've been wanting!

Trusting are you?

Is your mechanic a craftsman? Do they check their work? Learn what to check and maybe save your life!

Stay up-to-date

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Would you consider donating to the channel? Your donation will help us continue to provide these free videos. We are also using a portion of the donations to build scholarships in which we will award to a gifted recipient! They will be able to use at their choice of tech/trade school! Every little bit helps! Even if $1 at a time will build up! We are grateful to have you here! Click here to give back!

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